Conversation Cards for Adolescents




Clinicians have reported difficulties to effectively communicate with families regarding obesity, observations that indicate a need to improve how obesity is addressed in the healthcare setting. To enhance their day-to-day practice, clinicians have expressed a desire for clinical tools to help them support families managing obesity. Being able to identify their most pressing lifestyle concerns and priorities, clinicians can help families to set and meet lifestyle-related goals.

Dr. Geoff Ball and Dr. Maryam Kebbe have developed CONversation Cards© (CCs) and Conversation Cards for Adolescents© (CCAs) that can serve as a priority-setting activity for parents and adolescents, respectively. These are tangible tools for clinicians to individualize treatment and set realistic goals. CCs and CCAs can help to optimize communication between families and clinicians, moving beyond a didactic or simple conversation about healthy behaviors.

Conversation Cards for Adolescents© (CCAs) were created to enhance communication and goal-setting between adolescents and healthcare professionals working in weight management. They are conversation starters designed to help adolescents identify the challenges and facilitators they experience when addressing issues related to their weight and health. Once adolescents identify their priorities – by choosing a card (or cards) from the deck – health care professionals can tailor their counseling and intervention with the issues that are most important to them. Statements in CCs are distributed across 7 themes (nutrition, physical activity, sedentariness, sleep, mental well-being, relationships, and clinical factors) and 3 categories (barriers, enablers, potential enablers). CCAs are available in Canada’s two official languages, English and French.

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